Adapt to Survive and Grow

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Have you observed fish in an ocean? How do they swim? Do they go with the flow or swim upstream against the flow? How long do you feel one of them would survive if it goes against the flow? Yes! I agree. The fish might have a different goal to pursue, which might be reachable only if it swims upstream. Is it the right time to force the change? Could the fish have saved its energy while going with the flow so that it gets the time to come up with a better aim or goal?

When things in life do not turn out the way you want them to be, breathe deep, let go of the resistance and enjoy the journey. As you conserve your energy to go by life’s order rather than your plan, you might discover miracles that you might have otherwise missed. Life takes you through unknown routes for the reasons best known to it. It’s probably adding situations in your life that force you to introspect your current way of thinking. It may have better plans for you. Trust it completely and let go of doubts.

Why do you think we were happiest as children? That’s probably because they have complete trust in their parents. They know they are safe and taken care of. There was no place for doubt. As we matured, our experiences of the world outside made us cynical. We start to question their intent of guiding us towards a specific path. A path that, given a choice, we would be skeptical to choose. The reason is simple. They want to nudge us gently out of your comfort zone, explore different areas of life and evolve as a person. They know it’s vital for our overall growth. Similarly, when life forces you to alter your perspectives by putting you in a difficult situation, it has a reason. It wants you to scrap the labels (read associations) that you have attached to yourself and look at life with a fresh perspective.

We label ourselves as either too soft, emotional, dumb, fat, or anything far from the truth. The trouble is that we have accepted those labels and are comfortable with them now. Therefore, we resist attempting to change it since we identify these labels as ourselves. But remember, they are simply words that somebody had said to us or we had said to ourselves at that level of maturity. We have long outgrown those and yet we stick with it. We do not need to live our lives with these labels. It’s just like struggling to fit into your old pair of jeans when you have the option of buying a new one.

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Feeling distinct sets of emotions at different times in our life is completely natural. It’s when they start becoming our self-image that we must start treating them as warning signs. If we don’t, we start judging ourselves on those parameters and become stuck in our reality. Accept people as they are (they are different from you), go with the flow, and follow your hunch. If people and situations around you are not conducive to growth and fulfillment, hang on till the time is right. Time changes eternally. When the time and situations are finally right, leap towards your goals with all the energy you had conserved during the trying times of your life and catapult into a life of your dreams.

Learn from the fish to go with the flow and redefine your destination if need be. If a single-celled virus can mutate itself in order to survive, then adapting to changes is a lesson we must all learn. Let us break the bondage of our limitations and take a leap into infinity.  

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