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An attitude of gratitude for your body

The very minute you came into the world, your lungs learned how to breathe outside the womb. Your mouth learned to suck the nectar of love your mother offered, thus playing a part in strengthening the mightiest bond in the world. Can you visualize the amazing gift your body is?

It’s a magical amalgamation of billions and trillions of cells, each one an intellectual unit, working in tandem with each other to ensure that we lead a long and healthy life. How else can you explain the working of each organ system so meticulously, without resting, without complaining till the last breath of our lives?

Whether it’s our heart that makes each emotion so powerful or the complex brain that not even years of scientific research have replicated or completely understood.

What does it take for us to be simply aware and in gratitude for this amazing gift that we were born with?

Think about it. Just saying a small thank you to your kidneys or digestive system when they flush the toxins out of your body. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

Say a few words of gratitude to your lungs every time you are aware that it’s helping you take in the oxygen from the cocktail of gases in our environment and ensuring its reach to the farthest corner of your body.

Say a small but meaningful thank you to your heart every time you are aware that you are retiring after a tiring day, but your heart will effortlessly keep ensuring a healthy supply of oxygen to each organ.

Change the communication with your body to see how magically it heals itself. Your relationship with your body is like the one between the parent and child. Add a dash of gratitude and love and see the relationship between you and your body bloom into a lush green forest where all organs and organ systems of your body live in perfect harmony. 

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