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Should Parenting have an Age Limit?

Hi Friends! The thoughts just came along and just felt like sharing and brainstorming. These thoughts are about juggling various roles and responsibilities in our lives. I know this is a personal journey and different for everyone. But somewhere deep down, brought up in an open and a bit conservative society has given a blueprint to our thoughts. When I was an adolescent, I saw how middle-class families live and live beautifully too with a fabric of oneness. However, the responsibilities that each member of the family must own and share have fluid boundaries.

Mother is the most revered figure and yet the most burdened of the entire family system. Of late, I have seen fathers too, going beyond their comfort zones to do their part. But maybe a little too little and too late. As humans, we are taught to take responsibilities when the family is in need, but when does the need end? Is there any way to get back the life from time to time and live too?

The most important urge of loosening the ties of responsibility comes with middle-age where your body seems to tell you whatever you have toiled it through and its impact. Any person, whatever his/her role in the fabric of life, may say NO when their own body demands compassion and care. Is it selfish? Not being there for everyone around for matters that they can handle themselves; just finding 15 mins of self-time, looking at squirrels going up and down the tree in the front porch? What message does the Universe want to convey through these lively creatures to us, the humans, the most developed and privileged species?

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Can I say “No–please wait” to my unlimited roles and expectations in life (for some time) while I am one with my body that is taking the brunt of the virus? Like all relationships that I have been true to, isn’t this too as important? My body has been my best friend since the day I came into the world and would be the last to leave me. Why are we not taught to respect it and communicate with it as we do in any other thriving relationships? Should there be an age limit for mothers beyond which if they go back and choose whatever inspires them instead of being a permanent source of support and love that somehow tires them internally too?

Please let me know your views. This is an open image of my internal struggles and feelings. Everyone’s journey is unique. Just shared my deepest feelings and expect you all to provide your viewpoint so that I can enhance my perspective.

Love and blessings.

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