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Your Personal Journey Called Life

I was wondering whether we are living our own lives or the lives as per people’s expectations of us? Everyone’s journey is unique. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, we all have unique experiences and evolve differently. I have written this motivational verse to help you look at your personal journey with gratitude. This verse also advises you to own your actions and inactions in life and be open to learn from life’s experiences.

Hope you enjoy the read. If you like this, you might also like my take on the essence of life and how to live every moment completely and fully. Have a great day ahead.

Life is your Personal Journey

Life is your personal journey,
       make the most of it;
choose your milestones and your path,
       your journey reveals your personal grit.

There is no wrong or right,
       it’s all about what you love to do;
never question or criticize your choice,
       based on how others judge you.

Own your choices and decisions,
	learn to get up after each fall;
it is ok to try hard and lose,
	than not to have tried at all.	 	
Nobody in this world is perfect,
	there is nothing such as a perfect world;
you keep learning as you move along,
	re-aligning with the teachings that life unfurls. 

Pitfalls are as natural as triumphs,
	learn to take them in your stride;
spring up with the same vigor after every blow,
	and make your mistakes your guide.

Life is the best teacher,
	its experiences make you wise;
so, trust in the teacher and continue to evolve,
	on the ladder of life, continue to rise.

I leave you with another poem that resonates how I think of my own life journey.

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