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You are the Sculptor of Your Life

You meet so many people in life who want to typecast you into their own perceived reality. Their reality might not be true for you. Choose to build your own life. It’s your life. Live it on your own terms. People who limit you by elevating your fears are the ones you must not trust. On the road of life, you will find many more friends who ask you to trust your abilities. Keep them by your side always.

Whether you have one friend or five, your best friend is you who never left your side and nudges you to dream high and achieve higher. Be your own best friend and you will ace your life. This poem is meant to re-affirm your belief in yourself. Your dreams are never limited by what others think of you. Aim high, achieve higher. All the best for a limit-free life ahead.

You are the sculptor of your life
gift it your wings,
the essence of your smile
the sparkle in your eyes

You have the capability 
to create a masterpiece
by not being stopped by what others feel
what they think your limit is.

It’s your life, you set the boundaries
to what you want from it
those who try to mold you 
are simply validating their limits
by looking at you with tinted glasses
judging you with their limiting beliefs.

You were not born to be typecast
By others who know nothing of you
You are own artist, play along
with whatever life brings you.

If it brings you lemons,
share with it a tangy lemonade,
If it brings you a shower of hurdles,
give it back a bouquet of hope
Life might test you at times
but it never means you any harm
it’s just strengthening you by the day
and embracing you in its loving arms

Life is finite
life is precious
do not lose its luster

by doubting your infinite potential
believe in what you dream
and turn it into the most precious gift

People stereotype you to validate themselves
you are not obliged to add fuel to their ego
live the life you truly deserve
and leave them with their views

Their views do not define you
your aspirations are your key
by which you live the life you choose
a bird with wings of dreams

Mold your fate by your thoughts and actions
you lead your way, set your own limits
lead a life without limiting beliefs
and be a star that never loses its sheen

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