You are not Perfect

You are not a perfect child,
       but neither am I a perfect mom;
that doesn't make you any less,
       for my soul, you're the perfect home.

I matured as you grew,
       from a toddler to a teen;
exploring the world, learning from mistakes, 
        trudging roads where I have been.

Your rank doesn't matter,
       neither the stream you choose;
what matters is your resilience, 
       spring back whenever you lose.

You will discover as time goes by,
       there's no one who never faltered;
but success never eludes those who try,
      never give up till your inner self you conquer.

Not all days are sunny,
        nor all nights long and dark;
somewhere through the darkest night, 
        you will find the spark.

The spark that will kindle,
        and keep you from giving up ever;
and anchor you to keep believing, 
        keeping you a fighter at heart forever. 

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