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Year of Transformation – A poem on life’s lessons

Just like a massive earthquake,

followed by a tsunami in the sea;

the year that moves to history today,

                turned my life topsy-turvy.

Every time I tried picking up,

               pieces of what is left behind;

a wave of guilt would wash me ashore,

               shattering my peace of mind.

And through the darkest night,

               came a beam of light;

as though magically from the universe.

It told me to stay put and not to give up,

identify my core purpose;

Shed my garb of doubting self,

and find calm in the chaos.

The universe was with me,

               giving me all the strength;

to stand up, re-look at life,

               shatter the castle I built around myself.

A castle of responsibilities, guilt,

               treating my dreams as selfish and juvenile;

It all came down as sense descended,

               the boulders I was carrying all the while.

The universe constantly nudged me,

               to recognize my true potential;

to chase the dreams I was scared to dream,

               to live till I die, in sync with the celestial.

So here I am, all geared up,

               to take the load off me;

and take a plunge back to the ocean of life,

               make my existence count to ME.

3 thoughts on “Year of Transformation – A poem on life’s lessons

  1. Yes the year has been different from all the years we have seen. Best would be to leave all the bad things and guilt behind and start 2021 on a happy note with a wish that this year’s many of our dreams may come true and our faith in almighty remain unshaken

  2. 2020 has been a year of unprecedented transformation!
    All of us have gone through a lot of never before experienced changes, some good and some not so good, but for sure none of us will ever be the same as we were before the beginning of this year.
    It is now time to look forward, towards new beginnings of hope, aspirations, ambitions and dreams; setting tune for great times ahead.

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