Wonder Woman

You are a Wonder Woman,
Yes! All of you are;
Not divided by looks or colour,
You were born to reach far.

You struggled and juggled,
various roles in life.
Nursed and cooked,
loved and advised;
gave your all with all your might.

You were judged, belittled, checked out
by people who left a scar;
and you took it all in your stride,
just to show the world you yourself raise your bar.

Don’t let your endless love,
be taken for a toss;
look them in the eye with a sword of determination,
and tell them who’s the boss.

Love is not meant to hurt,
      it’s meant to encourage and lead;
so realize your worth before others judge you,
you are not a book to read.

It’s still not too late,
be proud of who you are here and now;
because you were born to be the Wonder Woman that you are,
rather than what they allow.

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