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Why is Emotional Intelligence so Vital?

Disclaimer: Before we delve into an ocean of information on the world of emotional intelligence, I would like to add a disclaimer that I am neither a psychologist nor a coach. I am a sensitive human being that likes to share with the world of my readers anything that really hits the nail. My sole purpose is to help people simplify their lives and relationships by having a basic knowledge of emotional intelligence.

As an Instructional Designer, before I create a learning resource, I focus on adding clarity on the “Why”. Therefore, in the first post on the topic, I would share a resource that I fumbled across as a part of our office training. It affected me so deeply as it brought to the forefront of our need to encourage emotional hygiene in our lives, as much as we emphasize physical hygiene and health.

How E-motions E-merge
How E-motions E-merge?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

In common language, Emotional Intelligence (EI) talks about the capability of a person to be in control of their emotions and channelize them well. This applies not only to themselves but also to the surrounding people. Emotional intelligence is the need of the hour. You can read more about it here. Unluckily, it is not a part of our school curriculum.

So here is the video that made me re-think.

Emotional Hygiene: Guy Winch

What to expect from my Blog Series?

Once you can get the hang of the reasons, it is important to focus on this aspect. We will break down the information into digestible chunks and make you (and myself) more emotionally intelligent by the end of the year 2022. Another reason for creating this series was the Pandemic that keeps coming back and affecting the physical and mental well-being of loads of people across the globe. I thought if my blog could help even a single person help handle the stress in a better manner, I would have contributed in my own special way.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe. Stay masked. Home is a beautiful abode. Not everyone is lucky to have one.

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