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Value Each Moment That Defines Life

How to live a happy life? How to allow happiness to make a permanent abode in life? As I woke up today to a beautiful rainy morning, I asked myself, what makes life truly happy and meaningful? Am I living a life with gratitude? Am I considering life to be a sum total of all the experiences that make me who I am? Or I am just rushing through this journey as a rat race leading to nowhere but the grave? I composed this piece to analyze and re-align my way of living to a better cause. I hope reading it will make you do the same. Have a lovely day ahead.

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Your Life is a Blank Slate

Your life is a blank slate,
every waking day you realize;
the importance of this day,
that, to many, has been denied.

Every moment is precious,
don't lose it in petty ego fights;
entrapped in the web of I's and Me's,
wasting time on wrongs and rights.

The day is a packaged gift for you,
unpack and discover its grace;
fill life's paint book with moments magical,
be in gratitude for this time and space.

Life is made up of days, hours, and moments,
each packed with potential unbound;
to chisel your life, create your masterpiece,
to unfold your worth, to the world be found.

Let not the cobwebs of the past,
disturb you and create self-doubt;
sweep them away, they are no use,
seeds of complacency, they may sprout.

They say you are born twice,
Once to your mother and again when you discover;
your purpose, your calling, the reason you are here,
and actually start to uncover
a journey most memorable,
fueled by a passion to find your worth;
that's when you truly start to live,
and deliver value to your birth.

You are never too late, my friend!
Search within; your purpose you'll find;
use it to make the most of the memorable journey,
to a higher purpose, you are aligned.

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