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Understanding Importance of Finding “Me Time”

What is “Me time”? It is the time when your mind and body work in perfect unison and produce optimal results. A time when you are with yourself and feel calm and rejuvenated. It’s vital to take out this time every day to continue the rigour of everyday life. Just like breathing, food and drink are important for sustaining life, a time spent doing what your love to do some time of the day re-energizes body and mind. I have tried to express the importance of “me time” in this verse. Let me know your views in the comments section below.

Till then take care and stay safe. God bless you.

Importance of ME Time

ME time is the time for who you are,
	not related to the roles that you play;
in life, juggling from one to next,
	working tirelessly for others throughout the day.
You give your best in every role,
	switching effortlessly between tasks;
from a mother to a sister, then to a professional,
	you fluently swap the masks. 
You also need to unwind,
	to work up your tired wings;
to soar the sky with your magical dreams,
	to unwind, do your favorite things.
You need the time every day,
	to be with yourself, without guilt or shame;
because this time belongs to you,
	time that you must remember to reclaim.
You are a human, your life is a special gift,
	enjoying it completely is also key;
to thrive with passion in all that you do,
	break unwanted bonds, set yourself free.
Even a battery needs recharging,
	so do me and you;
pamper yourself as your best friend,
	and start each day of your life anew.
You deserve your own love, truly and completely,
	don’t expect others to provide;
you are your best coach, no one else knows you better,
	Let your inner self be your guide.

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