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Two songs that nudge me to keep moving

Hiccups are imminent in everyone’s life. All the days do not sail along as smoothly as expected. At times, you feel like giving up on your dreams. It may be because of an overload of others’ expectations of you or your own expectations of yourself. Whatever the root cause, it is only you who can pick yourself up and rebuild.

Of late, I have been really pondering where I am in life. Am I moving in the right direction? Do I have a purpose in life or just going wherever life takes me? I was drowning in the whirlpool of self-doubt. This morning, I was browsing my playlists and randomly playing the songs. A verse from one song struck me like a bolt from the blue. “Design yourself because nobody else would”.

Sharing this song with you for moments when you, like me, need someone to drag you out of the self-doubt and guilt.

Losing your loved ones is a reality that nobody can deny. It is so difficult to accept. Additionally, the pain keeps returning. You feel let down by the Universe for being cruel to you and your loved ones. This one song helps in such a moment of time and helps me embrace the fact that all the souls in this world are on an individual journey. We need to be grateful for those we love. We must thank the Universe that our paths crossed, and we spent a beautiful time together. Sharing this song for all of you to come back to when you feel stuck in such a situation.

Hope you enjoyed watching the songs. Take care. Have a great day ahead.

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