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True Shades of Love

Reposting one of my last years post. Still dear to me. Wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day.

Love is not in exotic flowers that

you expect once a year;

or the price tag on the exorbitant gift

that ohh… you hold so dear.

It’s a heady mix of magical moments….

When you were in the prime of youth,

               madly in love with your prince;

felt reluctant and confused to admit,

               and acknowledge the turmoil within.

You felt a gentle hand on your shoulder,

               looked back in pleasant wonder;

to find your parent with a look that said,

               Love is not a blunder.

That’s a hue of love….

The hand you grasped years ago,

               amidst a roller coaster of hope and fear;    

in the moments most sacred witness to your bond of love;

The magic had begun….

When your child was in pain,

               and you spent a sleepless night cajoling him;

the young boy who slept like a log,

               gently scoops him up and from the corner of his eyes,

gestures you to go back to sleep.

That’s a hue of love….

Your child has a tryst with fate,

               viewing a loved one depart;

but one look at you and your pain,

               and he lovingly offers to play his part.

His tiny hands wipe the tears,

               streaming down your face;

your pain magically reduces,

               and you are surprised by his grace.

That’s another hue of love….

  Love is all accommodative,

               expansive and enduring;

Welcome it with open arms,

               enjoy its process of maturing.

It comes in a blast of colours,

               not just shades of red;

Its magic lies in moments, not years,

               it shows you the road ahead.

The road may not be smooth always,

               It has a fair share of highs and lows;

But each moment is meant to readjust your view,

               towards the loved ones you chose.

3 thoughts on “True Shades of Love

  1. Very well written. Reading this post was like freeing my mind of all boundations. Was able to relate and experience the feeling of Love through the simple yet effective words of writer. God bless you. It’s a wonderful feeling to read your posts.

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