Time to Spring Clean

Last time your wardrobe,

               was overflowing with outfits trendy and new;

and your weary, tired eyes searched for the old pair of jeans,

               that forever stuck with you.

You knew it was time to spring clean…

When your mind is shrouded,

               with thoughts of self-doubt;

and the vivid dream that you absolutely identified with,

               struggle to breathe or spread their wings,

like the timid sprout.

You know it’s time to spring clean…

Just as you sort and organize,

             the clothes of your wardrobe;

How wonderful it would be,

               to sort your thoughts once in a while and probe;

Are all of them empowering,

            neatly placed in a pile “to keep”?

Or are they seeds that people sow,

             of expectations to halt our leap;

that must be kept away in the “useless” pile?

The pile that burdens us,

            with responsibilities we hardly identify with; 

and chokes the dreams that defined us,

            replacing truth with myth.

Is it worth carrying around,

               or should it be disposed?

to make our journey lighter and brighter,

            enjoy the gifts that life bestows.

Let’s clean up and reorganize,

               preserve only the thoughts that empower;

tuck the rest into oblivion,

               and let your true self flower.

It’s only one life that you’re blessed with,

               make the most of it;

don’t let others mould you their way,

               you are not born to fit.

You were born to carve,

                a niche for your own;

take the first step and spring clean your mind,

                and your dreams and skills you hone.

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