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Time to let go of the past

Hi friends. Last day of the year.  Like me, are you anticipating joy and success in the coming year? Time to take an inward journey to decide what to take with you to the next year and what to leave behind. Let go of memories that no longer serve a purpose. Let go of the hurt that is stalling you from moving towards your dreams

Let go of all the hurtful past but carry along the learnings from them.


Let me explain. When you plan a vacation, do you carry your complete wardrobe? No. You just pack the stuff that suits you most. You plan the complete look for each day along with matching accessories. You want to look your stunning best each day of the vacation. So why not for each day of the coming year? After all, each day is the beginning of a new journey. 

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A new year makes you feel good because it’s time to reset the counter. So as you step in to the new year, promise yourself to leave in the past, all experiences that have the ability to create pain. Pack all the joyous moments and dreams for a bright healthy future and take off for a vacation of a lifetime.

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