Thought for the Day: Take life as it comes

At times, we feel so overwhelmed. Past brings regrets and unknown future instigates fear. In such times, it is best to just go with the flow for a couple of days.

Accept all that comes to you with open arms. You remember the warm hug you gave to your children when they came back from school? Embrace life with the same love and acceptance.

Give yourself time to get over trauma and pain. Try hugging yourself. Trust me. It’s very empowering. Make yourself your favorite dish. Adorn your favorite dress, even if you are not going out anywhere.

Pamper yourself with an afternoon siesta. It is not only your CHOICE but your RESPONSIBILITY to love yourself. You are unique. You are special. THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU IN THE WHOLE BIG WORLD.

Be proud of your achievements. Also be proud of your mistakes. Do you disown your children when they commit a mistake? So why disown oneself? Think about it. Have a great day ahead. God bless you.

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