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The Strings that Keep Us Afloat

The other day, I was wondering about all the wonderful bonds we create during our lifetime. They add such flavors to our lives that we cannot imagine life without them. But what about the first and the strongest bond of our lives? Are we giving our best to the most precious bond? Or are we intimidated by the effort it takes to take care of our parents, who gave up their most valuable youth to make us what we are today?

Today’s verse guides others to take stock and value these strongest pillars of strength before they dissolve into oblivion. If you like this verse, you might also like my post don’t shy away from your roots. You can also download an ebook of my favourite poems down below. Let me know your views in the comments section below. Take care and have a great weekend.

                                                                          The flight of the kite

The kite soared through the sky,
	with its head held high with pride;
desisted the string it was bound to,
	the string to which it was tied.
It felt the urge to go higher,
	to explore what was beyond the sky;
but the string it felt was an eyesore,
	 its directions, he wanted to deny.

He wanted to do all that he liked,
	Not answerable to anyone for his acts;
He longed for a life free of responsibility,
	regain the liberty he thought he lacked.
One day a strong gush of wind,
         snapped the string and set it free;
Oh! What a feeling to be finally free,
	The deep blue sky was his to see.

Suddenly it dawned on him,
	he was lonely with no one to guide;
he missed deeply the one he never valued,
	felt shattered deep inside.
He no longer had the urge to find,
	what was beyond the hue of blue;
he longed to be attached, to be guided and taught,
	but there was nothing he could do.

We are the kites, our parents are the strings,
	value them for all that they do;
because there never was, and never will be,
	a better person to understand you.
You owe your all to the pains they took,
	to make you what you are today;
be grateful for their presence in life,
	their expectations never betray.	

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