The Season of Giving

The season of giving,
       gives a reason for living;
thinking beyond asking for more,
      focusing on giving, strengthening your core.

A season to be thankful,
      for intangible, abundant gifts;
breath, food, or a place to stay warm,
      a smile, a cuddle, hugs that narrow rifts.

The gifts that add meaning,
     and make life worthwhile;
a firmly held hand,
      an unforgettable smile.

A few moments of undivided attention,
       to heal an aching heart;
compassion that is imbibed in us,
       to empathize, be an integral part.

Enjoy the season of giving,
      with a smile to fight the pain;
add meaning to someone's empty world,
      introduce him to a rainbow again.

Bring a spark to lives,
      you were born with all it needs;
to bring a smile to a sullen face,
      heal the hearts that bleed.


Wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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