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The Purpose of my Life

What is the purpose of my life? This is a question that has kept me awake many nights. I see honest people being judged by others. We are all souls on an individual journey. It’s just like an exam where every student gets a different question paper. What I finally realized is that only we can ascertain our goals and purpose and evaluate how we have performed in our lives. Since others are not even minutely aware of our trials and turbulences, they must not judge others by outward appearance or perceived truth. Please let me know in the comments below who do you think can evaluate a person and why?

Identify a purpose in life that you will never give up, no matter what the challenges are. Then drift towards it without bothering what other people would think. I am sharing this poem that I wrote and re-read whenever I am judged on my principles and abilities. I love Jack Canfield’s tips on identifying the purpose of life. Also, visit my home page for more poems and articles.

What is my life’s purpose?
the life that I hold so dear;
Is it just to fulfil responsibilities?
or to be guided by indefinite fear? 
Fear of being judged on everything 
that you do or fail to do;
to be classified as right or wrong
by people who constantly evaluate you.

Does life come with a manual
segregating each move that you make,
into the category of good or bad
your efforts honest or fake?

No! You have this precious gift of life
to give your best and soar high;
into the sky of your achievements, your feats, 
while being grounded in your attitude as you fly.
Each moment in life,
is invaluable and divine;
it nudges you to align to your higher purpose,
A purpose that you yourself define.

Identify what makes you feel complete
and brings a sense of joy;
something close to your heart
like for a child his favorite toy.

Life’s purpose is unique to all,
don’t try fitting in someone’s shoes;
be the sculptor of your destined path
and guilt-free, choose to cruise.

4 thoughts on “The Purpose of my Life

  1. Our education system has trained our minds to accept that it is acceptable to be judged by others. And applying the same logic the other way round, we too feel perfectly normal when we start judging others.

  2. As such is the world, formula of
    ” I don’t care ” must be used!
    Each and every Moment (not minute) is
    to be used carefully!

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