The power of the attitude of gratitude

Today, I nudge you gently to relook at how we have forgotten to be thankful for the everyday blessings. Inculcating the attitude of gratitude will help us become a better version of ourselves and still remain grounded and humble throughout life.

How often are we thankful,
for the power of the humble breath;
that gives us an opportunity to live and grow,
demarcates life from death?

How often do we thank,
our heart that tirelessly beats;
so that we enjoy health and bliss,
savour life's awesome treats?

How conveniently wd have forgotten,
to count our endless blessings;
each day as we rise and go about,
doing the everyday things?

Do we remember each breath we take,
is different from the one before;
it has the capability to allow us to think differently,
make small amends that mends our core?

We can choose to be,
a better version of ourselves each day;
only if we realize the true potential,
of each moment that drifts away.

So decide today be thankful,
for the little wonders around us;
see the world transform to a gift,
shed the garb superfluous.

Understand we are here,
because of a purpose we need to find;
the attitude of gratitude is the first step,
to keep your life aligned.

To a higher purpose,
you are destined to achieve;
if only you rise above petty grudges,
in your purpose you truly believe.

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