The joy of Motherhood

This is one of my older poems that I wrote a couple of years back when I experienced motherhood. It is still very close to my heart, so I am not editing it to improve it. Hope you enjoy it.

The Joys of Motherhood

As you take the first look,
At the face so tender and naïve;
You are transformed to a different world,
swept by an unknown wave.
One look at your smiling bundle,
and you are filled with pride and glee,
And that’s a unique positive feeling,
Any mother will surely agree.
You gently assure his searching eyes,
That you will be the best mother;
At the same time you promise yourself,
You will never let your flower wither.
As time goes by, and he grows up fast,
And you feel he needs you no more;
Your re-assuring look he still needs,
If about anything, he is not sure.
The connection always is there,
The memories of it so fond;
Reminding both the mother and child,
About the most rejuvenating bond.

2 thoughts on “The joy of Motherhood

  1. ‘The most Rejuvenating bond’
    There is no other such bond in between two Lives!
    Good expression of feelings of a mother!

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