The journey of marriage

The journey of marriage,
like a river in full flow;
negotiating curves, cutting through rocks,
touching lives, wherever it goes.

Navigating the turbulent paths,
frolicking down the mountains steep;
no care in the world, moving ahead,
it has innumerable promises to keep.

Sudden twists, hard to maneuver,
force it to think, maybe even change course,
but she refuses to give up,
accepting with grace, the nature's force.

As it reaches the plains, it's fury reduces,
with grace it gently flows;
slowing down to seep in world,
accepting more as maturity grows.

Enriching the soil it comes in contact,
like a noble soul touching lives;
less it takes, more it gives,
looks deep within, takes a deeper dive.

As it approaches the ocean,
aware to merge and be one;
it looks back to thank all it touched,
all the hurdles and all the fun.

Let us grace the relation divine,
till our time on planet Earth;
and thank all who made the journey memorable,
and the joys that made it worth.

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