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The Jasmine Connection: A Personal Anecdote

Summer is showing its presence in Delhi with temperatures already reaching 37 degrees Celsius. However, the best time for feeling the morning pleasant breeze is if you reach the park by 6:00 AM. Today, during my morning walk, I was pleasantly surprised by the heavenly fragrance of the Mogra flowers blooming in all their glory on the sidewalk of the park. The moment swept me off my feet as I traveled down memory lane and pondered over my divine connection with this flower.

Those who have been following my blog closely know that the most beautiful time of my life was spent in the tiny intellectual town called Roorkee; a town that was the epitome of values and social connections. The government quarters in the colony were lined with Amaltas and Gulmohar trees that were in full bloom during summer.

However, this tiny bush of Mogra (Jasmine) in my courtyard had this special place in my heart. I would stand by it in the fresh morning breeze to sink in the fragrance. Till the time it was in full bloom around the month of August, mummy followed a routine of plucking fresh flowers of Mogra, placing them in a bowl full of water near the bedside. This simple gesture enhanced the ambience of the room and took it to an altogether different level. The peaceful slumber was magical, to say the least.

Times changed as I left for my college and then pursued my career in Information Technology. Life was busy and there was not much time to look back. When I got married, I suddenly felt a vacuum. The town was new, the people around were new, and the roles and responsibilities were completely new and complex. I was almost feeling lost and overwhelmed by the changes in my life.

However, during those testing times, one thing stood by me like a ray of hope. You guessed it right! The jasmine tree in the courtyard of my new home. The familiar look of the leaves and the soothing aroma of the bushy flowers gave me that divine message that I was more powerful than I thought and that I would beautifully bloom in the new circumstances I landed up in.

Now, as my teenager grows his wings and perceives the world in a manner that we never did, the world around me is again transforming. The Universe is asking me to shift my perspective and be more adaptable to the changes in my life. But change is not easy, as all of you might have experienced in your lives. There is a similar feeling of void around what lies ahead in life. How would he live his life? What career options would be good for him? The thoughts were leaving me overwhelmed as I meandered through another changing phase of my life.

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And today! It was there again! That divine fragrance of the Jasmine mixed with the morning fresh breeze that told me “You are more powerful than you think”. It reassured me I will ace this phase of life too with the same grace and dexterity that I imbibe from my mother and the Jasmine flowers.

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  1. It is your connect with nature that resonates with me. So refreshing to read this piece in the morning

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