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Technology: An Untamed Demon

I have been observing the negative impact of technology on physical and mental health since a long time. Its really painful to see how it is impacting so many lives in multiple ways. Children are drowned in their mobiles and gaming devices, playing havoc on their physical and mental health.

Relationships are getting impacted and the amount of time we are spending on apps is also creating focus issues. How nice would it be to take a step back and relive the lives as it existed a decade ago. We were happier and healthier then. I created a verse around the disadvantages of the growing use of technology and what we can do about it.

Please give it a read. Let me know in the comment section below your take on it. If you reside outside India, you can order your copy of my paperback book “Observe Reflect Evolve” from your respective Amazon sites. The Indian version of the book is named “Notes to my Healing self” and is available to order on Amazon, Flipkart and Notionpress website.

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Technology, like an untamed demon, 
	raising its mighty hood;
chomping up on personal time,
	causing more harm than good.

It emerged as a boon,
	and still is, if put to right use;
just like salt, that enhances the taste,
	only if its right quantity, we deduce.

It has infinite capacity,
	to serve information in a click;
but its overuse has a potential impact,
	of making minds and bodies sick. 
The blue light emanating, evades sleep,
	it laughs as people get hooked;
wasting precious hours, unaware,
	eroding relationships, personal commitments overlooked.

Children prodding for game credits,
	instead of things that match their age; 
social skills taking a huge hit,
	locking themselves up in the device cage.

The pandemic catalyzed the storm,
	When the world halted with a screech;
but now as things seem better,
	lets brush away the leech.

As you plan your to-do list,
	to make the most of the new year;
firmly resolve to digitally detox,
	apply the reverse gear.

Spend a day or two a week,
	as you did a decade back;
 meeting and connecting in-person,
	instead of using an app.

Say hello to the Sun and flowers,
	play outdoor games with kids;
backtrack a bit to get fresh perspective,
	make the changes, before life skids.

As we use technology to our advantage,
	mellow it down to reap its benefit;
control it rather than be controlled,
	life will definitely take a happy twist.

Let us lead by example,
	to show what a wonderful life entails;
set ourselves free from the cage,
	live a life that life itself hails.

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