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Teacher – A Fairy who Weaves Magic

In India, we celebrate the 5th of September as Teachers Day as a mark of respect to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second president of India. He was a well-known guide and philosopher. We can learn from anyone in our lives, given that we are open to learning. Teachers that we come across in our lives inculcate the attitude of lifelong learning. This verse is an ode to all the teachers on Teachers Day, from whosoever I have learned a lesson or two in life. Hope you like the verse. Please give your feedback in the comments section below. Have a wonderful day ahead. If you like this verse, you may also like:

Like a fairy who works magic,
	by waving her magic wand;
A teacher, I believe, has the power,
	to create a precious bond.

Bond between learning and learner,
	that goes beyond rank and score;
 a bond that stays a lifetime,
	a bond, so infinitely pure. 

You guide impressionable minds,
	prepare them for a future bright;
even if they encounter hiccups,
	of their goals, they never lose sight.
You constantly nurture and encourage,
	the student to build an attitude; 
to win the war against self-doubt,
	and sow a beautiful seed. 

A seed of love for learning,
	that becomes a lifelong trait;
 helps learn from trials and wins alike,
 	appreciate life in all its shades.

You sow the seed; they reap the fruits,
	respect for you is their precious gift;
they are indebted for your effort and time,
	and the countless spirits you lift.

You are a wonderful potter, 
	turning young minds to masterpiece;
by the magic in you, you touch lives,
	you influence minds with such ease.
Humanity is deeply grateful,
	for rearing the generation next;
with a mix of discipline and self-love,
	you show them the right context.

May you always grow and prosper,
	achieve your heartfelt dreams;
We appreciate you for who you are,
	always hold you in high esteem. 

2 thoughts on “Teacher – A Fairy who Weaves Magic

  1. Lovely poem.
    Very well expressed teacher,s role.
    And also ur gratitude towards teacher.
    Always shine like a star
    Stay happy, healthy ,safe n blessed.

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