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Take a Break Once in a While

When everything and everyone,
     seems to be getting on your nerves,
your mind is not thinking straight,
     your faith in humanity swerves;
      recharge yourself; take a break. 

Remind yourself it is ok,
      to shut yourself for a while; 
seek solace in the inner cocoon,
      get ready for the next mile. 

be kind to yourself; take a break. 

Take life one day at a time,
      give it your best and that is all;
take time to reclaim your life,
      tell yourself it is ok to fall.

learn to get back up; take a break. 

Reconnect with your inner self,
        seek peace and strength within;
it's there for sure, ready to surprise,
        a sureshort formula to win. 

be charmed with your discovery; take a break. 

The world will not stop,
      things will still be on the move;
to nobody you are answerable,
      to nobody else, you need to prove. 

Be answerable to yourself; take a break. 

Your learning in life is personal, 
         there is nobody in the race;
it's the time to remove cobwebs,
          it's time to clear out space.

learn the lessons of life; take a break. 

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