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Smile Through Your Pain

I smile…
not because my pain is less,
but I value more the one who taught me to smile.

I appear calm...
not because you're not missed each moment,
but because you taught me to grow through pain.

I comfort…
not because my life is not empty,
but because I feel I can bring a smile.

I appreciate…
not because someone is perfect,
but because I accept and love them as they are.

I love…
not because I found perfect love,
but because I believe love heals.

I share…
not because I have infinite,
but because sharing makes me feel complete.

I complement…
not because there is nothing better
but because all is beautiful.

I cry alone but share laughter...
not because I am scared to show my pain,
but because your memories are personal.

I feel grateful for each breath...
not because life is perfect,
but because I believe I can make it a little better.

Each breath gives me,
the message of being alive,
each heartbeat conveys I am loved,
the best is yet to arrive.


Life sends us silent signals,
to let us know it's for our higher good;
Pain aimed at strengthening,
by our side, God always stood.

Trust the Universe,
however deep the pain is;
live in the attitude of gratitude,
because our vision is much skewed than his.

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