Short Story – Trishna’s Dilemma

Hi friends! Sharing a short story.

Trishna’s Dilemma

Trishna turned up the volume of her Amazon Playlist to drown the turmoil within. This was her mother’s favorite number. She drifted back in time as she heard it and hummed it along.

“Trishna! Can you sing this song for me? I love this song in your voice”, her mom would say. Trishna’s 6 year old self-esteem would swell up and then, there was no stopping her. She would sing song after song, with finesse and an undeterred confidence.

Comparing herself with her academically superior sibling, she always looked down upon herself. However, whenever she and her mom sang together, every single cloud of doubt just disappeared.

Music became her strongest asset. Every time she looked into the mirror to see a frail short self, her mother’s words would ring in her ears, “All beautiful things come in small packets.”

Now at the helm of her writing journey at an age when people contemplate retirement, the little voice that always trusted her, had vanished into oblivion. How could she ever start trusting herself again?

Trishna just felt like closing her eyes once to feel that pillar of strength smiling at her. The smile that had the power of a thousand Suns. Alas! That was no more possible.

The next morning, dwelling over the perfect ending to her story, she heard a tender voice, “Mummy! I am waiting to read me your new story.” Trishna smiled. Life had come full circle. The validation she was yearning for had just changed faces.

The mist had lifted and given way to a bright sunny day. She had all the answers.

Looking forward to your feedback as I take a wavering step into fiction writing after almost 3 years in poetry.

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