Searching frantically for my roots

Loss of parents is irreparable. When you are busy, you seem too busy to grieve. However, the pain returns at odd hours and you tend to put it in words to ease the stabbing sense of loneliness and loss.

Dedicating this verse for all who still grieve their loved ones and try to hide their pain under garbs of loads of tasks. Love and light to all of you.

I miss my roots,
that gave me the wings;
to dream and keep moving,
take in my stride, whatever life brings.

I search you in your saree,
that you carried with such grace;
there is nothing that can bring you back,
of your lively presence, I find no trace.

I search you in the city,
that gave me the best days;
but there is nothing like when you were there,
while I keep navigating life's maze.

I just sincerely hope and pray,
that you are happy in the heavens above;
no pain or hurt touches you again,
you are surrounded by almighty's pure love.

2 thoughts on “Searching frantically for my roots

  1. I am touched by the depth of feelings which you have brought about with clarity.
    I can relate with each of these in my own world.
    If our precious parents were alive, how would they want us to be?

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