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Searching for the Perfect World

The last two years, as disruptive as they have been, have forced us to shift our perspectives. I was brooding over my search for a perfect world that had never turned up. Instead, I lost people I never imagined my life without. This forced me to remove my tinted glasses and look at life from a fresh perspective. I penned this verse to bring forth my views. Hope you enjoy the read and also have a few takeaways from it.

Is there a perfect world?
	somewhere that I yearn for;
something that I stake my happiness on, 
	with no clues of what life has in store.

Am I wanting something,
	that physically does not exist?
Am I looking at the world with tinted glasses,
	or do the problems actually persist?	 

Perfect relationships, do we get them gift wrapped, 
	or are they built through toil brick by brick?
Do we have perfect relationships conferred,
	or constantly growing and re-orienting, does the trick?

Perfect children who are go-getters,
	are they a special gift that selected few deserve?
or are they a result of parents who believe in them,
	 confidence unshaken, a trust that never swerves.

A perfect career, the one with a surging graph,
	or balancing duties and moving forward;
an inch sometimes, but never say die,
	the goal in perspective, the journey onward.

Life is never a fairy tale,
	there are challenges bound to test
your grit and determination, your killer instinct,
	the inner burning desire to give your best.

So, keep moving, whatever may come,
	the world is never perfect, so much to be done;
 success is a guarantee, if you re-orient like the sunflower,
	for your inner child, you are the only SUN.
Get up, adjust the direction,
	align yourself to the dreams you dream;
inch towards it, pay heed to your inner desire,
	 your goals are closer than they seem.

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