sliced lemon and kiwi in drink

Savour the flavors of life

Savour the flavors,
       offered on the platter of time;
each delicately balanced,
       carries a message sublime. 

Whether it's sweet success,
       that catapults you to cloud nine;
or sourness of failures to get over,
       when your self worth is on decline. 

The crunch of a pleasant surprise,
        that melts away the monotony;
and fills life with shades of rainbow,
         life begins feeling a bit more sunny. 

The bitterness of a communication gap,
        that nudges you to look within;
evolve as a person, without thinking wrong or right,
         become a better version of what you have been.
It all comes at the right moment,
        when we need to grow;
it all comes with an intention to improve us,
        prompting us at times to go with the flow. 

Like the masterchefs work of art,
      is complete and well-defined;
so is the course of our life's journey,
      as planned by the divine. 

Trust in his master plan,
      he knows what is best for us;
learn to savour the flavors of life,
      be in gratitude for what he does.

Sorry for not having posted regularly since a few weeks. Hope you enjoy the read. God bless. Stay safe and stay in gratitude.

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