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Ride the Clouds of Hope

Sometimes, when you see people around you judging themselves based on what others feel about them, you feel like reminding them that the sky is full of stars and you are full of unpolished talents and potential. I wrote this verse to encourage my son to tap his own potential.

Flap your golden wings,
	Soar! The open sky is calling;
you have a new day to make your own,
	and skills, to polish and hone. 

Pick your star, your dream, your goal,
	remind yourself to give it your whole;
fly towards it, an inch a day,
	but never let doubt come in your way.

Stay focused, believe in the strength of your wings,
	the sky has a million stars in offing;   
Don’t let other’s points of you make you doubt,
	your innate potential that's ready to sprout.

Believe in your strength, show the world your grit,
	as you aim towards your star, closing in, bit by bit;
Glide the clouds of hope and brush away the doubt,
	reach your choicest dream and make the sky proud.  

2 thoughts on “Ride the Clouds of Hope

  1. The other day, I was attending a workshop for parents at my child’s school. One of the parents had commented: It’s funny they teach us so many things at school, but one thing that they don’t teach is self-love and avoiding self-doubt. Your poem reminds me that we need to constantly coach ourselves and our children to believe in themselves and uphold our self-esteem.

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