Remembering My Parents in Heaven

Hi friends. Today’s post is about my most trusted friends, my parents. After I lost them in consecutive years, their marriage anniversary always brought tears of remembrance to my eyes.

However, as I shared in the story of Trishna, music always was a deep connect between me and mummy. There were two things she never wanted me to leave, my smile and my singing.

So today, on her marriage anniversary, I recorded one of her favorite songs. Favorite, because it was the first song she sang for papa, her soulmate for over 50 years.

I am sharing the song with you here. Please forgive my voice because I haven’t practiced in months. But today, I found a more optimistic way to celebrate what my parents meant to me, despite missing them terribly.

Listen to me sing “🎈🎈Aapki😍Nazron Ne Samjha” on #Smule:

Thanks mummy for reinstating the value in me to stay positive, whatever be the circumstances. Hope wherever you and papa are, you are healthy and happy. Love you always.

2 thoughts on “Remembering My Parents in Heaven

  1. Beautiful song.veey well sung I have heard thi song sung by mummy.I pray to almighty to give you strength to remain positive in all circumstances.Oay my regards to both of them.Love you Beta

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