photo of a flag in a pole being blown by air

Reliving the Essence of Freedom

indian flag against blue sky
Live Free of Fear
After decades of tasting freedom,
	and breathing the air sans bondage;
Do we realize its true value,
	paying to those martyred a true homage?

Is freedom limited to the country,
	or drills down to how we live our life?
Under the burden of our bruised ego,
	many relationships fail to blossom and thrive.

We carry loads of past hurts and pains,
	making them impossible to heal; 
we do not leave the past in the past,
	turning life into an ordeal.

Let us pledge to break the bonds,
	that stop us from being what we can be;
live the life we always dreamt of,
	in the true sense of the term, “BE FREE”.

Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day. Remember that our martyrs always taught to always keep the head held high. The best homage to all who ensured that we breathe free air is break free from the bondage of FEAR and EGO.

Till we meet again, stay safe, stay blessed.

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