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Recognize the Power of Your Potential

Songs have always inspired me. More so when maneuvering the rough patches of my life. I have experienced the power of verses off and on and found them to pull at my heartstrings. Today, I was going through my motivational playlists and came across one of my favorites.

It motivated me to pen down this verse, which I hope will tug your heartstrings as well. Have a happy and fun-filled Sunday.

Discover the Power of Your Golden Wings

You were born with golden wings,
	to reach the horizon of your dreams;
to recognize your unique purpose,
	shine through the darkness like a moonbeam.
Your dreams, like kites, wanted to soar,
	millions of them, nudging you to explore;
find your true potential, achieve all you are worth,
	finding the right key to the lifeโ€™s golden door.

Some people mocked at your dreams,
	made you a laughing stock;
judged your potential to pursue your goals,
 	your wings weighed down by their loose talk.
Your wings had strength,
	their perspective was skewed;
your belief in your dreams,
	they wanted to elude. 

Priorities shifted; wings forgot their worth;
	you played safe, took the travelled road;
Your wings caught in the cobweb, 
	forgot their power to unearth;
million possibilities, just a leap away,
	waiting to be owned, waiting to be won;
but the fear of losing and being laughed at,
	made you play safe, ebbed out the fun.  

You still have the time, each day, an opportunity,
	to let the wings soak in the sunshine;
gain strength and recognize their potential,
	with your innermost dreams, align.
Let free the strings of control,
	let life take you with its flow;
soaring high and achieving all you dream,
	giving back to life whatever you owe.


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