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Re-learning the Forgotten Lessons of the Pandemic

The second wave of the pandemic has barely receded. Just like our basic nature to forget the past, we are quick to forget the important lessons learned during the waves of the pandemic. Today, when I see people flocking malls and markets forgetting to follow basic norms, I am filled with anger and remorse at how the behavior of some proves a bane for many others.

In this piece, I have tried once again through my writing to remind the readers that life is too precious to be taken casually. Ask people who have been there, some who never returned, and others who have returned with lifelong scars. Please let me know how you feel about such covidiots who don’t learn the lessons easily.

A sea of masks in all colors and hues,
     As far as the eyes can perceive;
each uncovering eyes that express,
     the angst and fear they can never deceive.

From basic to embellished,
     each telling its own tale;
Some bright and trendy,
     Others worn out and pale.

Each mask unmasks the human underneath, 
       	Just like those that hide the emotions within;
We've been doing the hiding for years, 
 	It's almost now our second skin.

Some sticking obediently,
   To the bridge of the nose;
Others hanging down the chin,
     To ensure a perfect selfie pose.

Once revered for saving lives,
    	Now more like a fashion accessory;
It’s importance long forgotten like our values,
	Ready to repeat the gruesome history.

Human life is precious,
	Don’t throw it away by neglecting the rules;
Fun can wait if life persists;
	Do not repeat mistakes, use the prescribed tools.

They are for your benefit,
       To protect you from any harm;
do not take it on your ego,
        Stay balanced and calm.
The home is a beautiful abode,
	Where your loved ones wait for you;
Value the gift of life, make the most of it,
	Remember those who could never make it through.

Masks are like human values,
	Preventing you from taking the wrong step;
Knowing what is right and working it through,
	Rather than entrapping in a vicious spider web.

Remember to avoid crowds,
       you never know who may carry the tyrant;
stay at home and safe you stay,
        the sickness strikes without a warrant.       

Value the most precious gift,
	The supreme power has entrusted you with;
Believe in your values and masks alike,
	A beautiful future awaits you with a whiff of fresh breath.

4 thoughts on “Re-learning the Forgotten Lessons of the Pandemic

  1. It’s not just limited to one country. Look at videos being shared from across the globe — the moment any country lifts their lock-down (even developed countries where education levels are generally better), people start flocking outside at crowded places without masks. Maybe people are the same everywhere. Ultimately, Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection should hold — more thoughtful and considerate people should have a better probability to survive the pandemic.

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