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Re-discovering precious bonds with my body during Covid

Hi all! Hope everyone is keeping safe and sound. I am indulging in self-care, fighting the perpetrator. I am standing by my immune system and lungs in their times of need. This whole situation reminds me of my role as a parent. When we become parents to our bundles of joy, we take full responsibility for them. We give our best to teach them all the life skills they would need for a fulfilling life. We hope and pray that they will never face failures in their lives. This, I feel, is wishful thinking. I am sharing some lessons that I am learning along the way to health and wellness.

Lesson 1

What I am discovering right now is that life is not about NOT falling. It is much more about falling, getting up, analyzing scopes of improvement, and rising above it again. That’s what we need to teach our children.

What if we can convey the same message to all our body parts? They are doing their very best and fighting for us. All my cells and parts of my body are fighting the menace together. They are not complaining against each other. In fact, they are not asking each other who has brought the virus inside the body. Neither are they are demotivating each other by saying I am healthier than you. They are gently nudging and encouraging each other through their trying times. Encouraging each other. Telling each other that they are doing fantastic and can do slightly better. All these brilliant cells, organs, and organ systems belong to me. Can I learn from them? They define the divinity of the beautiful body that is a gift to me from nature and parents.

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If only I believe in myself and my body, how beautiful a relationship with it I can develop. I plan to encourage my organs and cells to keep improving bit by bit. This is exactly what I do with my child. Doing this would encourage my ailing cells to fight back with full force and come out victorious.

Lesson 2

Another very important lesson that I am still learning is fulfilling my commitment to my health and well-being. Despite every duty that I feel is my priority, I cannot fulfill it until and unless I am well. Wellness is not a one-day shot. It’s a result of believing in yourself and caring for yourself every day with due diligence. What I realized is that my obligation towards my daily self-care has absolutely no alternative. It is imminent that I cannot pour from an empty cup. I am prioritizing my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This will enable me to serve my family and world at my full capacity.

Lesson 3

I discovered that what nature has gifted all of us is a brilliant piece of fully functional art and science within ourselves. We already have brilliantly magical parts working for us for our highest benefit. Each body part is working to its full capacity to keep us disease-free and fit. What we need to do is to be in gratitude, learn from our internal environment, and nurture each part of our body with utmost love and care.

Due to lack of energy, leaving all of you with a wonderful affirmation video that is helping me realize the brilliance and be in gratitude for my cells. I have been listening to it daily during my tryst with the dreaded disease. Wish you all well and a safe day ahead. See you tomorrow.

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