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Quiet Sails the Dawn

Dawn follows the darkest night. Life is full of surprises. Bad times surface when we are unaware. The good times appear when all seems to be gloomy. Life has its own ways and teaches us to believe in miracles and keep hope afloat. The main theme of this poem is that we must adapt to what life gives. If life gives lemons, enjoy the lemonade with friends. To do that, you need to take everything life bestows on you, improve it, and make it beautiful.

every night has a dawn
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The shimmering stars in the sky
leading the path, showing the way
to a future much bright and fresh
quiet sails the dawn….

The silent, tranquil ocean blue
talks to its waves before they merge
with the shore and lose their form
quiet sails the dawn…

The cuckoo in the nest
is enjoying the last nap
before she moves on with her daily grind
quiet sails the dawn…

The weary eyed fisherman
bids his sleep goodbye
ready to catch the first fish
quiet sails the dawn

The coconut trees sway
To the orchestra of the night
the beach is beautiful and exceptionally calm
quiet sails the dawn….      

The first glimmer of the morning sun
brings a message of hope
however dark the night has been
the strongest will hang on and cope
and quiet sails the dawn….

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