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Power of positive self-talk: Yes! I can do it.

Most often, the thin line between giving up and succeeding is “one more try”. Today, I share a short and sweet tool to reduce the gap.

Yes! I can do it!
The journey of each of us,
	is as unique as a snowflake;
the challenges change each day,
	and so do the stakes.

Every day brings up something new,
	to ponder, to resolve;
  each challenge, an opportunity,
	to think differently, to evolve.

Every sunrise brings a new crossword,
	to push our limits a wee bit;
find new words to fit the game,
	nudging us to add, a new skill to our closet.

At times, life becomes too demanding,
	and you feel you can take no more; 
This simple phrase may help you as it helps me,
	to take life head-on, whatever it has in store.

“Yes! I can do it!”
	the mantra is short and sweet;
but has immense power when uttered with conviction,
	just like a powerful seed

that holds a tree in its bosom,
	ready to grow and take on the world;	
Try saying it to yourself when you feel stuck,
	And feel the power within you surge. 

Because most of the time,
	it’s what you say to yourself;
that makes all the difference,
between trying once more or giving up.

Giving up is easy, 
	trying again needs persistence;
but that’s the only route to success,
	and depends on your belief and consistence.
Positive self-talk

Have a fantastic weekend. Never give up on yourself or your dreams. God bless you.

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