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Positive Parenting… Where have we failed?

The news of another brutal rape in the financial capital shook me to the core. I questioned deep down our own so-called behavior that is sprouting from our old patterns of thinking. Is it still making our girls look at themselves as the weaker sex? Are we doing something wrong as a parent? Do we shun some old patterns and develop a new sense of positive parenting? Do we need more acceptance and less body shaming in parenting? Go through this verse as a parent and ask yourself what role you can play in becoming a positive parent.

Please let me know your views in the comments section below.

Till the time,
a man has the audacity,
to brutalize a child or a woman;
I, as a mother, have failed...

Till the time,
a young girl needs a brother,
to accompany her after sunset;
I, as a mother, have failed…

Every time a child,
is impressed by his classmate,
just because she is pretty.
I, as a mother, have failed...

Every time I advise,
my daughter to choose a SAFE profession,
and close avenues for her out of my fear. 
I, as a mother, have failed...

Every time I hear
the chilling news of a rape,
and shy away from making my adolescent child,
aware of the agony she would have faced.
I have failed as a mother...
The society is made
of you and me.
Until we ensure to teach our sons
to respect each woman,
and our daughters 
to be proud of who they are;
our job is incomplete.

Till the time the fallacy,
of improving the safety of woman,
is shattered time and again.
We probably fail as mothers. 

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