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Points to Ponder Series Part 6 – Are you feeding yourself every day?

Your first thought would have been “What is she talking about? We feed ourselves three or more times a day.” Sorry for confusing you. What I meant by feeding yourself is to feed your body, mind, and soul. We all are well aware of the food for the body. The food that we have every day to energize our cells that keeps the body going. However, there are other aspects that we sometime miss out completely.

Food for the Mind

Feeding your mind refers to adding new information every day to the database of existing thoughts in our brain. In simple terms, “Learning”. It is like keeping the river flowing. If a river becomes stagnant, it loses its charm. Similarly, when we stop learning, we are stagnating our minds. Every day, add new and useful thoughts over the older memories that are no longer serving a purpose. Think about it. If you discipline yourself into learning just one new thing a day, 365 days a year, for the rest of your life, imagine the abundance of knowledge you can have.

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Food for the Soul

According to Hindu mythology, the purpose of our life is to achieve moksha. We receive the gift of life is to uplift our soul. To break the continuous cycle of life and death. Just like accumulating knowledge, if we accumulate one good karma a day for the rest of our lives, we have at least lived at our best. Trust me. I am not telling you to do something out of the way. It could be as simple as saying sorry to your child when you are wrong. It could be as fulfilling as giving away the badminton racquet that your child has not used in months to a dedicated child who needs it desperately but lacks resources. Even sharing a fresh meal with your house help is good enough.

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Make a daily checklist of all the three categories discussed above. Cross it off at the end of the day. The quality of sleep that it will ensure for you will astonish you. Think about it. Take care and have a blessed day ahead.

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