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Points to Ponder Series Part 5 – Time to be Dispassionate?

Most of the time, we tend to entangle the lives of our loved ones with that of ourselves. It is natural. It is human. But when should we decide to unplug and observe and take stock of how these associations are affecting our inner weather? Is it playing havoc with our inner peace? When is it time to be dispassionate? Do we unplug for some time and re-prioritize our lives? Let me explain with the help of a personal experience.

Today was my son’s class test. I have been guiding him for the last couple of weeks, aware of the topics that he is weak in. That’s what all good parents do. Right? However, when he was writing his exam, I was becoming increasingly anxious. Would he commit the same mistakes? Will he be able to complete the paper without making silly mistakes? The anxiety was affecting my physical and mental well-being.

That’s when I questioned myself. Am I associating his marks/success with my validation of how good a parent I am? Is his academic excellence so important that I give an open invitation to the bouquet of lifestyle diseases that anyway are threatening the lives of so many people around me? Should I be dispassionate?

Just like me, are you also taking your lives for granted? Are you being grateful every day just for still being alive and healthy? Is it not a privilege? Being given this beautiful life that you can choose to enjoy as well as put to good use. I discovered for myself that when I steer my thoughts from worries towards gratitude; I feel relaxed almost instantly.

Does it happen to all of you too? If it does, please make it a part of your daily routine to write a gratitude journal at the end of the day. Ending your day thinking about things that you are grateful for rejuvenates you and helps you to have a better quality of sleep.

There are people around you whom you love dearly. If they are doing things that are proving harmful to them, it is your duty to guide them. However, do not let it affect you so much that you fail to live your life fully and completely. Be dispassionate. Your life is invaluable. There is a definite purpose in your life that only you can fulfill. Do not lose track of it. Love each moment of your life and use it purposefully. Even if it means disassociating yourself with your loved ones for some time and being with yourself.

Please let me know your views in the comments section below. If you like this post, you can find my related posts here and here. Have a great day. Stay blessed.

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