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Points to Ponder Series Part 4 – Dealing with Personal Loss

Loss is personal. Loss is heartbreaking. But we need to grapple with it using whatever way suits us. We ultimately have to come out of it and gear up to start life afresh. This is a verse that I wrote for myself when the grief becomes overbearing. If it can help, in any minuscule way, for others to put the past to the past and move ahead, I would feel fortunate. Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe. Stay blessed.

Coping with Personal Loss

As the Sun went down,
	in all its fine glory;
 it left the sky in deep sorrow,
        darkness as far as he could see.
The sky was totally aghast,
        to lose its guiding light;
life would never be the same,
        he dreaded the dark, evil night.
Soon he saw the twinkling stars,
        lighting up his weary path;
together they nudged him to believe in himself,
	together, they said, we would fight the wrath.

When we lose someone close,
	life seems so ruthless; we lose the trust;
in our own abilities, in the world as a whole,
	every person, every action, somehow seems unjust.
Suddenly the stars appear,
	out of nowhere, just like magic divine;
nudging us to look within,
	reminding us not to lose our shine.
 The stars are nothing but values,
         that we received and must pass on;
 to those who could use it to anchor,
          their lives out of the storm.

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