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Points to Ponder Series Part 2 – Always Encourage Your Child

The results are out. Kids are celebrating. A year of endless pressure and relentless effort to prove themselves in the board exams has really worked well. But not for everyone. All kids are not born champions. Some who tried their best but could not match up with the marks got by their peers are drowning in the sea of self-doubt and depression. One of the most important lessons that parents forget to teach their children is the knack of bouncing back from the pitfalls of life.

However hard we try, our own life experience has taught us that life is not all glory and success. It is full of twists and turns. My view is that good parenting is about standing with your child, especially when he/she does not perform well. This is the time when you teach them the most important lesson. Tell them to compare their current performance, not with their peers, but their own progression.

Life is a checksum of multiple facets. Academics is just one of them. Teach them to find and focus on their key skills and passion and see them touch the sky. All the kids will ultimately make good their lives. We, as parents, need to learn to disassociate their academic performance with our respect in society. This is absolutely unfair. We do this out of our own mental programming. Just let go. Trust your child and see him/her bloom.

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