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Points to Ponder Series Part 1 – Validate Your Perceptions

Hi all. I am starting a new series of posts just to validate your perceptions about yourself. The journey would be fulfilling, to say the least. Enjoy the roller coaster…

This post results from what has been going on in my mind for a really long time. I’ve heard people saying it so often (I must confess, this includes myself too:)). “I cannot do this”. Can we replace this statement with “I have not done this till now. I am afraid of doing something that I have never done, just because I am focused on the result rather than an action.”? This way, you would be more sincere with yourself and are quoting the exact problem rather than just a perception.  

We are a different person every second without acknowledging the fact.

Interesting fact:

According to this site, research by biologists Ron Sender and Ron Milo of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel proves that your body replaces around 330 billion cells per day. This means that your body makes over 3.8 million new cells every second.

Now, re-look at the assumption that you just made. The last time you failed at something, it was literally many versions ago. With each passing second, you are a new version of yourself. So why not it be a better version of yourself? Let me know your views in the comments section below. God bless you.

One thought on “Points to Ponder Series Part 1 – Validate Your Perceptions

  1. Point of concern ( for thinking) is very important!
    To validate my perceptions I will need to understand my minds!
    Conscious and Subconscious!
    I will have to check which one is controlling / monitoring me ( I.)
    I will try!

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