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Points to Ponder Part 9: Start your Day on Positive Note

Start Positive to stay positive! That has been the mantra of my life ever since the Pandemic started and forced me to change my outlook towards my life. Sharing with you key suggestions for improving your mental health, especially in the current scenario.

Start your day by realizing its immense potential to change the course of your life. What works best for me is to start my morning by scribbling notes in my Gratitude Journal. That makes me thankful for all I have rather than focusing my energy on what needs to be done or what is not working out. One important thing that I always include in my gratitude list is my body and how beautifully it takes care of me.

It is never too late to be what you might have been. 

George Eliot

This motivates me to prioritize my walk/exercise schedule. When we are thankful for the millions of cells in our body that are constantly striving to keep us healthy and disease-free, we make healthier choices for ourselves during the day. Gratitude also makes us more open to the things that are we feel are not going our way. Try to start small by keeping a diary near your bedside and write five people/things you are grateful for in your life. Gradually increase it to seven or ten points. Just start building on this habit and share with me in the comments section below how it made you feel.

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Have a great and grateful day ahead.

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