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Points to Ponder Part 7: Listen to your self-talk

Are you listening? What is the tone of your self-talk? You are speaking to yourself every second of the day. Are you aware of what you are saying to yourself? Most of us, by the time we enter our teens, have already put a stamp on our capabilities. What we can do and what we can not. What we have not tried as yet goes into the second basket (of can not). Is it even logical? Until we are on the planet, we can learn anything we really are passionate about.

What stops us from taking the stance and following our passion is the judgment that we pass on to ourselves. Interestingly, this is done without giving ourselves a chance to defend. What if we become our first and best friends? This means every time you meet a challenge, take a couple of deep breaths. Bring a bright smile on your face and let it sit there for 30 seconds. Now, silently but compassionately, tell yourself that nothing is beyond your capabilities. Understand here that this will not be easy. You are starting to re-program your automatic way of thinking.

Encourage positive self-talk
Be your best friend

The self-critic will be the first one to respond to your statement that you would want to believe. But hold on! This time, give a smile to your self-critic and plead with him to give you a chance to try. Another set of deep breaths to bring you to the present moment. Remember how your parents encouraged you a day prior to your exams? Try to build that level of self-love and I promise you, you will never feel alone in life.

Give it a try. Share your feedback and views about how you deal with and defeat your self-critic in the comments section below. Have a great day ahead.

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