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Points to Ponder part 10: Mutate like the Virus

Don’t get me wrong. What I mean to say is that although a single-celled organism, the virus knows that if it has to survive, it must change itself continuously.

What about the most developed species on earth; the Humans? Are we making the right choices? Whether in terms of food or lifestyle? Our bodies were created to ensure mobility. We ourselves are responsible for the rusting of our joints for the lack of mobility.

We blame the weather or pollution for skipping daily physical activity. Is it helping? Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself how many times have you skipped the exercise out of sheer lethargy?

India is fast becoming the diabetic capital.  Yet we find it unacceptable to switch from fast food and white-sugar laden food to a healthier homemade delicacies.

Is it so difficult to skip the unhealthy and make healthier choices? Think about it.

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