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Overcoming Writers Block: Communicate Sincerely Without Inhibitions

Yes! It happened to me today. I was planning to create a blog post for the next one in my series of childhood memories. My anecdote seemed ok. But somehow it just did not come together. I could not give it a logical flow with the finesse I experienced so far, however hard I tried. So I binned it. To start afresh. I talked to myself and re-visited some of my previous posts. I told myself that it’s ok to fail. All days are not the same. Bumpy roads are roads too. It’s ok to stop, delete and rework without judging yourself.

If the moon can have phases, why can’t writers? My advice to myself was not to be harsh. Start with a clean slate. Come up with something new, something unusual to discuss. I would talk about one of my favorite songs I heard on the radio last night. “Madhuban khushboo detaa hai“, it goes. I remembered crooning it with my mother while she did the cooking and I laid the table. Singing always perked up every day mundane tasks. I am deeply grateful to my mom for introducing me to the world of music ever since childhood. We used to sing out our hearts any time of the day and would instantly feel better.

She introduced me to melodies of Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, and numerous gems of our music industry. The songs I sang with her are the ones I remember by heart. Even after so many decades. Music is an exceptional healer.

Coming back to the song I heard yesterday, it so beautifully talks about service above self. It is also a reminder of how tirelessly our Covid warriors are fighting off the disease keeping their personal struggles at bay. They are working day and night, trying their best to heal and save precious lives. The song talks about giving your best and not bothering about the output in the verse “Sooraj na ban paye to, ban ke deepak jaltaa chal“. It means that if you cannot be the Sun to drive away darkness from the lives of others, be at least a spark of hope that others can take inspiration from. Another beautiful reminder of the covid warriors who gave up their lives to save many from the clutches of the deadly virus. “Dil woh dil hai jo auron ko, apni dhadkan detaa hai“. This means blessed are those who give away their lives for the benefit of others.

Take a look at this meaningful song here that I dedicate to all the Covid warriors all across the world. My salute and heartfelt gratitude to each one of them and their families for their unlimited support.

Until next post, take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay safe.

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