Observe Reflect Evolve

Hi all. The journey began on 26th May, 2019 with my first blog post on WordPress. The time flew at times and stood still at others.

2020 was an year that I would definitely want to delete from my life if I had the power to. Losing my best friend, my mummy, was something I would never ever come to terms with.

She was my powerhouse of positivity and a magical fairy who knew it all before I could speak a word.

From a feeling of irreparable loss to re-beleiving in myself to publishing my first Kindle ebook, this blog has seen it all.

The magical journey with all you readers and followers was a journey of re-discovery of my capabilities, my passion, and my healing.

Today, I am elated to share with all that my first book Observe Reflect Evolve is available for download on Amazon in the Kindle format. The paperback format is in review and would be available to be ordered in a couple of days.

The book is a collection of my poems and talks about how the answers that we are seeking lie within us. We just need to be ready to listen to the Universe around us. Observe Reflect Evolve is not just a book, it’s a journey.

Deep gratitude to all of you for inspiring me to keep moving, sometimes inching, other times, leaping.

Sharing the amazon.in link for those who wish to download the ebook. It is available on all other Amazon sites as well.


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